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"WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready)" Dance Rehearsal / Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Song

Some of my favorite memories and parts of performing are when I'm in rehearsal. It's a place where you can feel free to screw up, be creative, laugh at your mistakes, and be with trusted confidantes called "Dancers", and express who you really are as an artist.

This particular video was captured and edited by Kimby Caplan.

I really loved her because, A. she is female, B. she is super talented, and C. she had the capacity to do her job SEAMLESSLY + EXPONENTIALLY WELL while being deaf. I think think that was the MOST attractive part of working with her outside of her professionalism and immense talent. She could create a dance rehearsal video and make it exciting and truly give me something fresh that I had never seen before through the eyes of someone who views the world with no sound (and I am a singer / songwriter).

I was just blown away by her capacity to create amazing visual art even as someone who has had to overcome deficits like hers that make it hard to have ANY job, let alone - make documentaries, video, commercials, film and shorts.

So I asked her to work with me on an episode of my reality show for a song called "WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready)" that was in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

One of my favorite pieces of work...enjoy.

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