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#WAYBACK with Wild Orchid + Brian Anthony

Before social media existed...they had POSTCARDS AND STAMPS! Whhhuuuut?!?!

Wild Orchid Girl Group
Wild Orchid Girl Group Postcard to Brian Anthony

My ex (from 20,000 years ago) afforded me the privilege of meeting this amazing girl group in the 2000s. It consisted of Renee Sands (Sandstrom), Stefanie Ridel (Now Ron Fair's wife), and Stacy Ferguson (affectionately now know by the public as "Fergie" from the Black Eyed Peas).

Back in the day we got quite friendly, running in the same circles, attending events, and at one point I was almost managed by Marta Merrero, Martika's ("Toy Soldiers", "More Than You Know") mom (her management company was Magico Entertainment back then). That was a really fun time in the music business and super exciting for me because everything was so NEW -- LA -- THE WORLD -- EVERYTHING.

I found old photos of us all together before their performance (circa 2000) at Ultra Suede in West Hollywood, CA. Really great memories...

Brian Anthony™ with Wild Orchid ("Fergie") from Blackeyed Peas
From left to right: Jerry, Stacy ("Fergie"), Me (Brian Anthony), and Stefanie Ridel. Sad Renee got cut off! :(

But my favorite was the postcard (front up top underneath headline) that the girls hand wrote on that they actually sent in the mail to me to remind me of their upcoming televised performance! I'm SHOCKED I still have it! See below for the back...

Wild Orchid Post Card to Brian Anthony
Wild Orchid Post Card to Brian Anthony



Hahahaha! Love that song!


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