There are no rules - really.

Society says so many things:

You can't be too fat.

You can't be too independent.

You can't be too opinionated.

You can't be gay.

You shouldn't be single. You shouldn't be too smart.

You should be YOU. (But as long as that works with everyone else's vision of you.)

It's all so much to think about, right?!

There's somewhat of a game that must be played at the most basic level. But I feel like if you live your life, are a good person, and contribute to the success of society (as well as your own), the "rules" society puts on humans don't matter and are just "made-up".

I've seen Special Olympians reach higher and farther than many of us mere mortals. I've seen young people give their entire hearts and souls to their passions and grow up to be phenomenons (that I look up to). I've seen elderly people break stereotypes and live longer and better than many. I've seen dreams become reality when there was no hope to even give the dream life in the first place.

Don't underestimate yourself.

Don't underestimate the universe.

Don't underestimate your resilience.

Don't underestimate how strong you really are.

Don't underestimate how much you really mean to others.

Don't underestimate the power that is inside of you despite the odds, negativity, pandemics, or powerlessness you might feel.

There is always a way. And there is always a plan. There is always something you can do.

If you cannot see it - trust that a way will be created.

If you cannot feel it - give faith a chance and just pretend like good things are coming for you.

Because the truth is...

They are.


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