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Sing-A-Long with "One Wish (This Christmastime)" by Brian Anthony (Lyrics)

Hey guys - I just wanted to post the lyrics to my Christmas song incase y'all wanted to sing along to "One Wish (This Christmastime)". Ha!

I wrote this song in Mertyle Beach while jogging (on the beach in a windstorm - lolz) and visiting family for the holidays. That memory of being in SC was one of the most heartwarming I've ever felt. So...that feeling of family and the warmth of the holiday season I hope comes through in this song that I wrote. And I hope you enjoy all of that and more! Be good to yourselves - and each other. (See lyrics below.)


xoxo B

"ONE WISH (This Christmas Time)" featuring Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees

©copyright 2005 Mangiaremusic/BMI for Sogni Records - 7 Entertainment, LLC


Another year has gone by

'Tis the season once again

Through the good and the bad

The spirit brought us all back

To each other family and friends


'Tis the season to give

So all I have is just one wish


If I had ONE WISH (This Christmas Time)

All the world would feel the light of love

And reach deep down inside

To reach out, let goodness win

To feel the joy and peace within

That's my ONE WISH (This Christmas Time)


So we're thankful for this time

For some have it different yet

Some may not see

All the lights on the tree

Some may think Christmas did forget them


So I'll dream this dream for you

And hope that someday it will come true

Chorus 2: (repeat)


No more pain

Only Hope and Love would reign...

Good tidings for the whole new year to come.

And no more tears,

No more hate and no more fear.

Together all our hearts could beat as ONE.

Chorus 3: (Modulated - repeat)

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(B. Anthony - Lyrics, music, vocal/piano arrangement, lead and some bgs, co-production, piano performance)

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