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Happy Birthday to Brian Anthony's "Worked UP!" No. 7 US Billboard Charting Song

Happy #MusicMonday + #HappyAnniversary to "Worked UP!", Brian Anthony's highest Billboard Dance charting remix release! (*See the print chart below.)

This one was a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY indeed, and literally made my Christmas that year. This song started out small in it's demo form - but roared like a lion in the clubs, on the charts, and just like it's "Electronic Jungle Mix" version starts out in it's intro! I originally recorded the demo in a basement in Eagle Rock in Socal, and laid down background vocal after background vocal. There was SO much work just in the demo version, I remember being physically exhausted after the sessions. But all that WORK (pun intended) was WELL WORTH "the sweat on my face" - just like my lyrics proclaim.

On the major remix releases, I had the honor of working with some really great DJ/Remix Producers like Love to Infinity, Mark Picchiotti, and Raul Rincon. They are known for working with s many greats like Madonna, Take That, Whitney Houston, Cher, Pet Shop Boyz, Kristine W, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, All Saints, Will Smith, Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Amy Grant, Sia, Kylie Minogue, and Michael Jackson - to name a few.

"Worked UP!" (B. Anthony)

Written, arranged, produced, and performed by: Brian Anthony Co-production on single version by: Chris Noxx Property of Brian Anthony / Sogni Records–7 Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. ©copyright 2008-21 Mangiaremusic/BMI. All rights reserved.

Licensed by 20th Century Fox for DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION 2009

April 10th, 2009 was the worldwide release of the song in the major motion picture.

"Worked UP!" was also licensed for worldwide release of DVD where Brian Anthony is featured on the packaging. Teaser Trailers for viral usage and commercial broadcasting were cut and deployed globally.

We made a major music video that had a production span of two entire days. First day was in DTLA in a warehouse that was very awesome. Looked abandoned and had a lot of graffiti in it that made the video super edgy. And the second day was filmed on the 20th Century FOX can see images of that shoot here.


Summary of Stats at RADIO and CLUB LEVEL (U.S. and UK Int’l Release)



#10* Hot AC40 Chart/NMW - New Music Weekly #7* Hot AC40 Indie Chart/NMW- New Music Weekly #4* Top30 Chart/IMN! #16* Top 100 Chart/NMW- New Music Weekly #7* Top40 Indie Chart/NMW- New Music Weekly #31* Top40 Main Chart/NMW- New Music Weekly #110* – Top 200 Chart/FMQB/ACQB!

U.S. BILLBOARD HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART Peak - No. #7 as of 12.04.08

UK UPFRONT CLUB CHART IN MUSIC WEEK ‘Worked Up’ is Number 12 in the End of Year Club Chart for DMC’s Dj Pages Chart. ‘Worked Up’ is Number 22 in the Music Week's Club Chart of The Year Peak position at #8 in CLUBS – ORIGINAL

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