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#Flashback to the Streets of San Francisco

Brian Anthony the Actor (and Secret Agent haha!)

#FBF#FlashbackFriday So here is the entire image... This was from a shoot I did that actually was for Holiday - but we wanted to try some "secret agent" stuff while I was running around California street (in the middle of the street) in #SanFrancisco. Growing up I did a lot of acting, and so we thought it would be fun to test to see if I could pull it off... LOL. I was actually holding a bright orange water gun (haha) so people would know I was acting and not really running around with a real gun. There's actually a bunch of these images. Would be fun to play a cop in a film - or a secret agent - or a Dexter on Showtime character. Thanks for the amazing photos!

#briananthony #acting #actor #fbf #flashbackfriday #secretagent #photography #SF

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