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Featured Song for Oct 20 - Nov 1 "Time & Space" by Brian Anthony™

The song IS UP FOR SALE at my music page NOW. Please DO subscribe to my YOUTUBE page here.

Above Photography by: Brian Kaminski Photogrpahy

Brian Kaminski is hands down one of the most amazing photographers I have EVER shot with -- outside of Christopher Ameruoso who shot the cover of my Billboard Top 10 Dance Club hit (#7) "Worked Up!" (see below).

There will be a whole OTHER post about Mr. Christopher Ameruoso's amazingness!

Check out the Venice Beach Shoot Outtakes below:

About "Time & Space"

This is a song that I wrote many years ago. It was always just supposed to be kind of a raw demo for a full album (that I never got to make) during a huge shift in the music industry where DANCE became POP for some reason... Admittedly, dance is never where I wanted to be -- but I grew to love the musicians and remix producers so much -- that I continued to walk down that path,

Piano and vocal is what I grew up singing - locking myself in piano practice rooms in hight school with my best friend Stephanie or just by myself, furiously working to write music on the piano as fast as I could, and as GOOD as I possibly could create it. Nothing else really mattered to me but the my future career in music -- and my grades in school.

Ballads were my favorite - and still are. It's funny how I never really released any ballads in my career that is mostly filled with Dance anthems, Urban Pop creations and EDM/Synth Pop stuff. All of my hits at Billboard are in dance - but my heart was always in piano ballads.

So...I recorded this demo, called "Time and Space". I produced the intro and wrote/played/arranged the piano. And then the brilliant engineer I was working with at the time, Rudy Hauserman, made a simple yet poignant production with only percussion and strings. He did exactly what I had hoped he would. A special talent - that one.

If I ever produced this song later on, I knew I would want it futuristic, but bare...a lot like the simple little demo that it is right now. Most times - "less is more" - in my book. And I'm happy with how this turned out.

If you want to buy it you will be able to shortly on my website at the music page.

Thanks for always listening and supporting my career throughout the years. No one knows what the future holds, we only have time and space to figure this silly life out (even though there's never really much of it).

xo Brian

Other pics that Brian Kaminski shot:

Photography by: Brian Kaminski

Photography by: Brian Kaminski

Photogrpahy by: Brian Kaminski

Photography by: Brian Kaminski

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