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Do What Makes You Feel Powerful

Just a little bit of #WednesdayWisdom to start your day!

DANCE if you want to.
Sing if you want to.
Draw if you want to.
Love if you want to.
Hope if you want to.
Dream if you want to.
Make music if you want to.
Bake a cake if you want to.
Be candid if you want to.

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to FEEL THE POWER that's inside of you.

(Of course, this does not mean to hurt anyone or yourself or to egg 🥚 a house 🏠 at Halloween 🎃, or anything with malicious intent. Just needed to clarify...lolz.)

God put that joy inside of you to use, and it is there for you at any time you need, to access to feel strong and use to make your way through this world. But it is up to you to use the gift and love yourself enough to live in that power.

Like I said -- Dance if that's what makes you feel powerful (even if everyone thinks you're "crazy" for doing it.)

Life is short. FEEL GOOD.

Take care of YOU!

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