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Christopher Ameruoso's Photography of Brian Anthony™


Photography of Brian Anthony™ by:  Christopher Ameruoso
Photography by: Christopher Ameruoso

Ok, so I had mentioned before that I have had the privilege of shooting with some pretty AMAZING photographers in my lifetime and during my career. And this celebrity photographer is among the MOST AMAZING and in my TOP 5! His name is Christopher Ameruoso (

At the time, I had a really great publicist by the name of Elizabeth Neff - during the release of "Worked UP!". Somehow she was also representing Debbie Gibson at the time (one of my childhood idols). And I believe this is how myself and Christopher met to do our photoshoot at his place in the valley (that had incredible backgrounds, pool tables, vintage cars, and more!)

Chris is not only one of the kindest, caring and sweetest guys you'll ever want to meet, but he is a true artist! Like an artist's artist! He's a PRO at what he does, and even if you're nervous (like I was - HAHA) he makes you feel right at home and at ease and the work is literally the best I've shot in my lifetime (even when that was the busiest time in my career thus far and literally I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off!)

Photography by:  Christopher Ameruoso
Photography by: Christopher Ameruoso

This accomplished photographer has shot with the likes of: P!nk, Robert Plant, Taylor Dayne, Priscilla Presley, Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff, John Stamos, Corey Feldman, Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson, Chelsea Handler, Nicole Richie, Leann Rimes, Debbie Gibson, Angie Everheart, Haylie Duff, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Debi Mazar...and shot for many magazines and their covers like OK! MAGAZINE, Westlake Malibu, Nashville Lifestyle, PAW Luxuries, and way-WAY more...the list goes on and on forever.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this guy, really. But one of the coolest things about Chris is that he is a HUGE advocate for PETS!

In my life I've supported and gone to events for pets like "Dogs in Danger", the ASPCA, and North Shore Animal League but Mr. Ameruoso's animal philanthropy goes FAR FAR beyond as he even has multiple magazines just FOR PET ADVOCACY.

Photography of Brian Anthony™ by:  Christopher Ameruoso
Photography by: Christopher Ameruoso

So, in my quest to support other creatives of ALL KINDS, I just wanted to bring to the forefront this multi-talented photographer, musician, philanthropist, and animal who has a big BIG heart and a passion for pets, Mr. Christopher Ameruoso.

Definitely go to his website and follow him on his facebook page - and he's even on Tik Tok! HA! Love it all!

If you want to check out the aforementioned platforms above, I would just go to his link tree page here:

Below are some more photos from our shoot that I have used for my music and CD Art Covers that are (by now all over the planet) at places like Apple Music and my SPOTIFY. I just found MORE of the finished or "final" versions of his photography so I'll probably be utilizing more of them for my site in future. With just signing a deal for a new reality project (that I will bring up in a dedicated post a bit later), and with releasing MORE NEW music for that and some projects in Asia, it might be fun to see if we can make magic again through the lens of this guy's amazing gift (but I'll have to shred and get in better shape first - hahaha - the work never ends!)

See more images below of me by Christopher Ameruoso!

Chris's photography was seen on The Daily Buzz behind me below in the video - while I was doing a show for them being interviewed to promote "Worked UP!" and the movie it was in called "Dragonball : Evolution" for (at the time - 20th Century FOX feature films):

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