Brian Anthony's Bunless, Deconstructed, Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Turkey Cheeseburger 🍔

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

🚨New Recipe Alert! (An homage to Rachel Ray!)

Looks like we're almost in 🍁November and #Thanksgiving is right around the corner...AH! 😱🤯 Thus, I thought why not try a Mac & Cheese Turkey burger 🍔 Recipe instead of just a plain ol' #glutenfree and #vegan mac & cheese?!

Gobble! Gobble! 🦃

Then I thought 🧐 MY recipe sounded vaguely familiar... I was like, "wait--have I seen something like this before?" Sure enough, the always clever #RachelRay made something like what I was dreaming up YEARS ago on the #RachelRayShow!

Thanks Interwebs! 🧑🏻‍💻

Her version was an all-in-one casserole situation (check out Rachel Ray Cheese Burger Mac & Cheese ) using real pasta 🍝 real meat 🥩 and real 🧀.

My recipe lightens things up a bit since I have THE WORLD's WORST TUMMY and I unfortunately have been lactose intolerant ALL of my life and digesting gluten proteins has ALWAYS been a problem. Not the best when you grow up in Italian and Mexican households.🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks God for the colossal allergy issues.


Anyhoo, I've always had to find "work arounds" for recipes that still allow me to eat "fun-food" without getting sick for a week sitting on the toilet 🚽 paying the price...💩 (Sorry for the TMI.) 😳

This recipe post is almost like a deconstructed Mac & Cheeseburger (see above pic). I give you the 🥬 🍅 and Mayo / Mustard / Pickles and Pickle Juice (my grandmother 👵🏻 Ann always taught us to use pickle juice in salad dressing if we ran out of vinegar--clever grandma, RIP 🥲) dressing on the side...while the star is simply the Turkey Burger Patty (with the onions 🧅 in the patty -- not in the Mac) topped with the "Vegan-ish" Mac and Cheese! (* I say vegan-ish because of you omit the yogurt and butter 🧈 from the cheese sauce the Mac and Cheese would be vegan.)

So let's give this a whirl y'all! And if you like it, let me know what you think by leaving a message in the comments.

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PART 1️⃣: Making the Gluten-Free, Almost no lactose Mac & Cheese

PART 2️⃣: Making the 🦃Turkey Burgers

PART 3️⃣: Making the Salad 🥗 and Dressing


PART 1️⃣: Making the Gluten-Free, Almost no lactose Mac & Cheese

  1. Make a rue with 1/4 stick of butter and 1/4 cup of Gluten-Free almond flour.

  2. Once the butter has melted add the flour has until it becomes a paste.

  3. Add 16oz. of your almond milk coconut milk 🥛 creamer.👇🏻

4. Add the entire 8oz. Container of Daiya Chive Cream Cheese. This will save you a step of having to chop and sauté onions 🧅 yet still give the mixture that cheesy/oniony flavor.👇🏻

5. Add 4 shakes of Tapatio (mmmmm) and all of your spices. (Do not use whole peppercorns--just use fresh ground pepper. If you have white pepper on hand, even better.)👇🏻

6. add 4-5 slices of your Non-Dairy Cheddar cheese 🧀. I'm forever obsessed with Daiya because it melts the BEST after trying EVERYTHING FOR YEARS. 👇🏻

7. (Optional) Add 1/2 of low-fat or non-fat yogurt to the sauce. This helps give the cheese sauce that tang of real cheddar cheese since the Daiya cheese tastes more like American (traditional) cheese. 👇🏻

8. Whisk the mixture until all cheeses have melted and the nut milks and spices have all combined into one smooth and velvety sauce. 👇🏻

9. Boil your gluten-free pasta of choice for 6-9 minutes or until the pasta is just barely still al dente. 👇🏻

10. Combine the cheese sauce with the cooked pasta. 👇🏻


PART TWO: Making the 🦃Turkey Burgers

  • 1lb of Jenny-O Lean Ground Turkey Meat

  • 1tsp dried Thyme🌱

  • 1tsp dried Rosemary 🌿

  • 1tsp Garlic Salt

  • 1tsp Cayenne 🌶 Pepper

  • 1tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper

  • 1 egg 🥚


  1. Mix ground Turkey Meat with all seasonings.

2. Combine meat and seasonings with 1 egg to bind mixture.

3. Spray cooking spray on non-stick pan and add the molded burger Patty.

4. Cool 4minutes on each side making sure the patty is cooked all the way through.


PART THREE: Making the Salad 🥗 AND the dressing.

The Dressing Recipe

  • 3 Tblspns of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

  • 1tspn of Italian Seasoning

  • 1tspn Garlic Salt

  • 1/2 tspn Red Pepper Flakes

  • 1/4 Cup of Dijon.

  • 1 tspn of Mayo

  • Chopped Pickles or Pickled deli peppers

  • 1 Roma tomato chopped

  • 4 Romaine lettuce leaves

  1. Chop Romaine lettuce 🥬 , tomatoes 🍅, and arrange in a simple salad on the side (that would be the lettuce and tomato on an actual cheeseburger). See below 👇🏻 pic.

Above 👆🏻 turns into below 👇🏻

❤️‍🔥HOT TIP:

Save your jam jars!! Wash them out and sterilize them and re-use them for making FRESH low-cal dressings!

2. Add all salad dressing ingredients including seasonings, evoo, mustard, Mayo, and pickle juice or Deli pepper juice (for the vinegar).

3. Close the jar tight and shake vigorously! Pour as much as needed on your salad 🥗

🥗 I used picked deli peppers instead of pickles this time because that's what I had on-hand in the fridge. But both work nicely as a topping, salad ingredient, and in place of salad vinegar!

I also like top the Mac and Cheese Burger combo with 🍅 and the pickled pebecause

Behold the finished product!


Enjoy the recipe guys🙏🏻

Next up, my Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs. So easy and delicious and super KETO friendly! 😘

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