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Brian Anthony's EZ, 🤤Mouth-watering Memorial Weekend Hummus Duo Recipe

Brian Anthony™ gives us something to get "Worked UP!" about for Memorial Weekend, BESIDES his chart-busting dance hit and it only involves 7 ingredients: garbanzos, roasted garlic, roasted peppers, lemon, salt, EVOO and tahini paste. It's a crowd pleaser, super cheap...and a total CINCH!

Click below to see the mini video recipe! 👇🏻


1 Pk Mini Sweet Peppers 🌶 (They come in Red, Yellow, Orange - and they need to be roasted to throw in the blender.)

2 Garlic 🧄 Bulbs (You need to roast these - see below)

1/2 Cup of Olive Oil (don't skimp)

1-2 Cans of Garbanzo Beans (depending on the crowd you are serving)

Kosher / Course Sea Salt 🧂 "To Taste"

1/4 - 1/2 Cup Tahini Paste

1 Lemon 🍋 (Juice only)

The key here is BALANCE! If you use TOO MUCH Tahini paste and the mixture will end up bitter. TOO MUCH Lemon, and it will overpower everything else. Simplicity is key and less is more when it comes to hummus (IMHO). So keep tasting as you're going to see if you've achieved a great balance of all of the flavors. Everything is going in one blender, so...there is always the EZ CLEAN UP FACTOR here too! And, if you roast the garlic and peppers ahead of time - that's smart if you are preparing for a large gathering. HUGE time savor and way less to worry about.

Essentially, you are going to make one big batch of just regular roasted garlic and lemon hummus in a blender. You have to separate out half the final hummus mixture and reserve that on the side - removing it from the blender.

Roasting the Garlic: 🧄

Get a 5" by 5" piece of foil, something small, and lay it out. Cut 2 bulbs of fresh garlic in half (with their paper on) and face them cut side up. Add course sea salt to the tops along with a drizzle of EVOO (olive oil). Close the bulbs (putting them back together again) and then close the foil loosely around the garlic bc you DO want some of that moisture to escape so the flavors reduce and concentrate and the garlic gets nice and sweet and soft. This process takes about 40-50 mins at 400º. Try to peek at them in the middle of the process so you can see how they're doing. Burn garlic is GROSS + NO BUENO--a bitter HOT MESS. We're going for soft and candy sweet. This process takes some of that strength OUT of the garlic that always hurts my stomach, and it mellows the garlic out so it's not so powerful while giving that signature charred garlic taste! MMMmmm...

Roasting the Peppers: 🌶

Literally all I do is put foild down on a baking tray, spray the bottom with nonstick spray or EVOO, and then throw on the rainbow colored peppers. I spray the tops, and I add seasoning like salt, pepper, cumen, a pinch of smokey paprika (not necessary at all) and then throw those suckers in the oven for about 45 mins or until I've peeked and they've reached a medium char. Pull 'em out when done cooking, let them cool in a container (that won't melt on you lolz bc they're hot) and then leave the lid slightly cracked for SOME (not all) of that moist heat to escape. You want just enough for the charred skins to pull from the flesh. But honestly, using these baby sweet peppers you get to skip a step and don't really have to do that. After cooling, the skins are so tender and the peppers are so small, I just cut the tops off, do a rough dice, and through in the blender to flavor that other half of the hummus you were waiting on to tun into the "ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMS" part of this delicious duo!

If you watch my video, I used about 6 mini roasted red peppers and about 2 yellow roasted peppers to achieve that reddish hummus color. You WANT to see the contrast in the two different types of hummus. People will OOOooo and AWwww all day long - and you will be SLAYING ALL DAY!

After cooling, the peppers release some scrumptious juices from condensation and that stuff is like GOLD. It's got that charred pepper flavor! USE IT in the hummus as well to infuse it with even MORE veggie goodness, and to help loosen the mixture up so it's not so tight (without having to use more precious OLIVE OIL - it ain't cheap...just sayin'!)


I scoop out the regular hummus and the pepper hummus and try to make a swirl pattern like the "yin-yang" symbol - haha - or even a peppermint swirl. But you can separate the two or even scoop them side by side. Totally up to your energy AND creativity level. If you're busy (or tipsy) waiting for the guests to arrive - don't kill yourself over presentation. Throw some tortilla chips on the side like I did, or some pita chips, or even some baked ezekiel tortillas cut into triangles (if you are feeling like going all out for your vegan friends). Whatever you're up - do that! Less stress is always BESSSST!

Crunchy Chickpea topping (Optional Extra Step):

Bake off some Garbanzo beans with cumin, smokey paprika and a pinch of cayenne, with Kosher Course Sea Salt (to taste) using EVOO to get the seasoning to stick. Takes about 45-50 mins in the oven to reach crispy perfection. These are great to snack on by themselves at work - and A PERFECT TOPPING for this party plate of hummus!


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