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Brian Anthony's "One Wish" This Christmas For Everyone

Well it's the day before the day before Christmas Day! HAHA! That's sort of hard to type (and say). And this is a VERY different Christmas for a lot of people with Covid-19, the economic challenges everyone is facing, and the unusual reality we all seem to be facing.

I think 2020 has pushed everyone beyond their limits of what they know - and what they know how to deal with and overcome. I know it's totally affected me in every, single possible way - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

But, there's A LOT of GOOD that's come out of this year that I was forced into if there wasn't a coronavirus. I reassessed my life and how I was living it. I gained 14 pounds (not so good). But I lost 17 and am in way better shape than I was before this whole roller-coaster ride started. I learned that running outside regularly is good for the mind and soul - as well as the body (but HURTS the legs, ankles, feet and joints if you don't wear the right shoes - lolz). I learned about how a regular schedule (for me) worked wonders for my mental health and having a foundation to fall back when life these days is SO unpredictable. I discovered managing my physical health with APPS! THERE ARE THREE THAT I LOVE and depend on every single day - one for calculating calories burned by physical activity, one that calculates calories in - holding me accountable for everything I eat, and a FABULOUS SCALE that is blue toothed to my phone that inputs my weight at every point in my 17 pound weight-loss journey. Newer friends got closer, and older friends fell away (maybe not forever but everything happens for a reason). I probably got closer to my faith than I ever have been - without being able to go to church. And I got closer to amazing family members (than I have in years) - even while still being far away from each other. This year made me fight for everything I really needed unlike I've ever fought for before - and made me release all of the things that weren't serving me.

Ultimately, I think 2020 fortified my belief in feeling that thinking positively, practicing prayer and meditation and time for myself and cutting myself a bit of "slack" - is the right habit to abide by. Because the alternative, thinking negatively, just doesn't help anything.

I'm never going to be a perfect person, never was (but the perfectionist in me totally WANTS to be - lolz). And no situation in life is going to be without its challenges - whether there is a deadly virus or not. But I know more now than ever to take things one step at a time, one issue at a time, and some days maybe one minute or millisecond at a time.

"Progress looks like a lot of failures" - Meredith Grey / "Grey's Anatomy"

My one wish for everyone this holiday and for your new year is to just be able to love yourself through all the future challenges and craziness that might yet be to come - and to be happy in the moment you have right now for whatever it is. Take time for yourself to believe that good things can happen despite everything that's going on around you. You are bigger than your situation - and if you believe in that and yourself - you can change anything.

Thinking about everyone this holiday and I'm so grateful and honored for you to even be reading this post.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from a person that helped change my way of thinking - which helped me change my reality:

"When you change the way you look at things - the things you look at change." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

xo B

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