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A Brian Anthony™ #ThrowbackThursday Birthday Week GEM!

WOW - here's a #TBT #THROWBACKTHURSDAY birthday week post that even Mercury Retrograde can't put a damper on!

#ThrowbackThursday #tbt

This was an amazing treasure I found the other day. I was working at an old Weho restaurant as a server / host called "MARIX" and he was my manager. I was dirt poor then - but my life was so filled with friends, and fun, and lots of happiness and support.

My friend Matt gave me a journal in 1999 writing these words on the inside cover...

"This is a journal to keep a record of your rise to fame. Then when (NOT IF) you're famous you can use passages from your journal in a best selling book about your life. And give me a cut (WORK). Best of Luck!! Happy B-Day!! MATT 1-29-99."

It's funny how long I've been on this journey...

When you're working SO HARD on making your dreams reality - the time just MOVES SO's hard to slow everything down to really appreciate all the little things.

This was a very cool gift then - and a VERY SPECIAL find now. Thank you Matt wherever you are...

I'm working on that book for sure. xoxo

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