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Brian Anthony • Becoming: Brian (2011) • Official Trailer

“As he risks everything to find himself at the breaking point of his life -- When ‘BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR’ never became so real. Becoming: BRIAN."

Brian Anthony, Recording Artist, Top 10 Billboard Dance Artist, Pop, Worked Up, Dance, Paparazzi, Jesse Grant
Brian Anthony dodging paparazzi. Getty Images. Photo Credit: Jesse Grant

This is the official trailer for Brian Anthony’s never before seen reality show -- Becoming: BRIAN.

Featuring the powerful Brian Anthony song Champion, and emphasizing the universally resonant message -- before it was cool: “Believe in yourself” -- the show was prescient, before its time in anticipating the way people would learn to think and behave, only a few years later.

Click to see the official trailer for "Becoming: BRIAN" (2011), and don't forget to follow up here for more peeks of what’s to come. Because something's coming -- or should we say, becoming?

Brian Anthony on the set of "Worked Up!" Music Video
Brian Anthony on set of music video for "Worked UP! shooting stills for all media. Photo Credit: Jesse Grant

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