There's so much to do - and so little time to do it - but you can do it all! Just TRY.

Yes you will be stressed out.

Yes you will be unsure.

Yes you will be confused.

Yes you will feel like you are going in circles.

Yes you will doubt yourself.

Yes you will doubt the logic of it all...

But the thing you are doing - if you TRY to achieve your dreams, that's something less than 1% of people in this world do. So about THAT ALONE - you should feel good. Because that means you are STRONGER and have more COURAGE than the rest of the planet. And that is admirable.

While the road is confusing, it's rewarding. My video is kinda my living proof that if you go with your instincts and trust your heart, things will work out.

People have no idea what I went through to get to this televised performance in Canada - and how people in LA were trying to stop me and get in my way. The thing about it all was, I knew it was the right thing to do in my heart - and no one was going to tell me otherwise or misguide me. And that's the piece that's hard to figure out sometimes. Should you be altruistic and go with your heart?? Or should you be realistic and listen to practicality and not take certain chances because they don't hit a bottom line for certain people or companies or because business professionals (that don't have your best interests at heart) might be better to listen to because they don't let you trust in yourself?

Well, I was born pretty strong-willed, and I listened to my gut and I did the RIGHT thing for the Special Olympics AND for me. I went through a time where I said yes to everyone all the time, but for my favorite organization - I had to say "No, I'm doing this anyway no matter what agents think or how they spin it." I look back and will always know my choice was the right choice even though I was battling forces that were trying to convince me NOT to go for some reason. (Some of them very scary.) I was very confused. But always, when I'm forced into these situations - where I am so disillusioned by people I THINK I should listen to - I always go with my gut - which is usually what my heart is telling it. HAHA. (Internal organs are guiding me...lolz. So Grey's Anatomy!)

My internal voice was telling me what to do - even though all of these "LA entertainment voices" were telling me NOT to go. I think that voice inside is your internal compass...your light through this confusing world...maybe God? ...whatever or whomever he/she is... But, ultimately, with the biggest most important decisions I've made for my life and career - the voice inside usually wins out. I didn't have a good parental system growing up -- so I've always relied on my instincts and my heart to carry me through. And I feel like a part of that is the man upstairs, just trying to help a trusting idiot get through his life.

I've worked hard - to create a noteworthy mark in life. There's a lot of sacrificing yourself, your well-being, your goes on and on and on... And yet - I'm no Justin Timberlake...although I made all the same moves he did literally at the same times. But you know what, the moves that I made in my career were built on kindness and giving back and doing the right thing and being brave enough to do things that I believed in (not like he didn't do the same - I admire him). It was so much work if I told you everything - you would feel like you ran 10K miles in a mask (which feels like being waterboarded these days when you're running outside...lolz) - not unlike my usual daily runs at 5miles a day...haha.

If you try - and things get screwed up along the's ok.

If you try - and feel like giving's ok.

If you try - and you feel like the forces of darkness are all around you...that's normal.

If you try - and you feel like you have's normal.

The piece inside of ALL of those feelings that you need to pay attention to is that - YOU TRY.

That's the thing you must continue to do, during every chapter of your life, in or out of your dream. Believe me, life has no shortage of curveballs. So if you can take them in, welcome them, readjust and reapply yourself at every single twist and turn - you will make it. Your dream may change a little - but you will reach your goal...and that is the most important thing.

The one thing you might be wondering is..."Do I still have a chance?"

What I can say is..."If you MAKE A CHANCE for yourself - there WILL BE ONE. If you stop, than you have no chance." Personally, I'd rather try and see what happens... :)

Love yourself.

There's a lot to do...but don't worry. It will all work out if you KEEP TRYING. You can do it all.

xo B

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