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10 Tips To Keep You In A Positive State of Mind - Pt. 1

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Hanging in there is sometimes extremely hard to do when life can be as unpredictable as the past 2 years on earth have been. So here are 10 every day activities I practice to help keep my head on straight and in a positive state of mind. Thought I'd share...

1. Say Gratitude 🙏Prayers Before Your Day Gets Started

Most days I actually say my "gratitude" prayers to the Universe (and to God - "the source", a greater power) in the shower, believe it or not. There's something about the cleansing water washing away yesterday and making me feel brand new for the day ahead in the present day.

But the point is, before your feet hit the floor getting out of bed or before your day gets truly started, think about the most basic foundational things you have in your life that facilitate your every day living. For example I always say "thank you" to the Universe for: my shower, my apartment, the food in my fridge, my friends that care about me...things like that. I even give a "shout out" to grandparents and uncles who have past that loved and believed in me in my life because I believe they are always still around in spirit, watching over me and helping me through the challenges life presents.

When you start your day with a grateful attitude, everything you are thinking about is purely positive and that emotion fills up your heart and spirit until you literally become the embodiment of gratitude itself. This is the fuel, the energy, and the power to help you face your day -- as well as the armor to protect you from the plethora of negative forces in this world.

2. Make Your Bed 🛏️ When You Wake Up

This one is a minimal lift for MAXIMUM benefit. The simple task of making your bed every morning first thing level sets your day with accomplishment. Without really even thinking about it, you have one task done for the day and off your plate and not lingering in the background nagging at you. Also, SUCCESS is not a fan of disorganization.

Clutter = anxiety.

Messiness = frustration and confusion.

Those 5 things we want to avoid.

If you keep your environment clean and tidy, you will notice a calm about you throughout the day--you have a solid foundation to stand on. And it all starts with simply just taking the 2-3 minute time investment to make your bed.

3. 🍳 Have A Protein Packed Breakfast - Don't Skip

You say you just don't feel like eating in the morning? Well you non-breakfast eaters may want to reconsider...

Breakfast-eaters tend to have lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the American Heart Association reported earlier this year. Non-breakfast eaters may increase dangerous inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is known to affect insulin sensitivity, skipping breakfast could contribute to “metabolic impairment,” which could potentially raise the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Skipping breakfast also triggers unhealthy snacking or overeating later on.

Don't just grab a banana (which is basically like having a candy bar) in the morning and then jump on your 9am Zoom call. If you're in a rush, dump protein powder, frozen berries, and almond milk in a blender and take that to your work station or your living room desk setup. Honestly, I eat 3 scrambled eggs almost every day (with mini heirloom tomatoes, some basil, and s+p if I'm feeling fancy).

#Plantbased #ProteinPowder #Gluten-Free Almond Meal / Coconut Flour Pancakes

4 Eggs and a Salad
4 Fried Eggs in EVOO with Basil, Tomato, and a sprinkle of Fet

Ditch the dairy, complex carbs, gluten and sugar (at least in the AM).

Be A Rockstar -- Choose Breakfast.

Here's some interesting facts I found out about my morning cup-o-joe!

4. Do Something Kind for Someone Else 💖

A friend of mine gave me a box of cookies (a mammoth box of cookies) that they had gotten with a free Amazon coupon. Basically, I can't really process gluten and sugar like everyone else can so as much as I wanted to eat them -- I couldn't.

I thought I would walk down the street to Sprouts and see if they had any ideas of where a food bank might to donate the cookies. On the way, I saw a homeless woman sitting and enjoying the sunshine on the street. I approached her thinking, "Well, I could make this woman's day with a special box of treats instead of giving the cookies to a larger organization -- but what if she didn't like chocolate Panda Cookies?? I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable."

Long story short, I approached the woman and she at first looked confused about why I was walking up to her. Then she seemed perplexed about the kind of cookies they were because they were so unique and the box was SO GINORMOUS. And while she was kind of making up her mind if she wanted them at all, a big smile appeared with a sincere look of "Thank You" on her face. Appreciative and surprised, this woman took the cookies and I went on my merry way.

The very small act of giving and short interaction did two things:

  1. It made the homeless woman feel good because someone saw her--she wasn't invisible for a couple of minutes -- she was counted.

  2. I felt good being able to give and share the gift I was given that made me feel good receiving. It's as simple as that. Essentially all I was doing was paying things forward...but I also think that's what that phrase is all about -- sharing any kind of joy you receive and passing along that positive energy.

In the age of social media and smart phones, pandemics and quarantines, human isolation is the new norm - and human interaction (on purpose) has almost completely been lost. So, a small act of kindness can go a very long way. You may find by making the effort, taking a risk, reaching out, and doing something good for someone else, that the person who may be benefiting the MOST from the act of doing something kind -- just may be yourself.

5. Stay Busy Working On Passion Projects In Between Time 🕑

Set aside some time (however hard that may be) to feed your creative soul with a side project of your own that you feel passionate about. This could range from writing a book to re-building a truck like a lifelong friend of mine (Ryan) has been doing and documenting from start to finish on Facebook. Check out Ryan's posts here the transformation has been amazing!

Whatever the project is, the mere fact that you are giving back to yourself by doing something YOU WANT to do as opposed to doing something YOU HAVE TO DO will change your attitude on a day-to-day completely. You will be feeding your soul and your creative-self, setting goals and achieving them, and creating a world of inspiration to keep you excited and fulfilled where the monotony of your "every day job" may not. A creative outlet is everything when it comes to a positive outlook.

Part 2 coming tomorrow...stay tuned! 😉

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