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Help #TeamBrian create new video content to help him finish his reality series and album for 2021.
Minimum amount of $1.50 accepted. (Or be awesome and give us more!)
Everyone who donates will get a credit in one of the streaming episodes for your generosity. (But if you would like to remain anonymous, we totally understand that too!)
The plan is to employ as many people as possible through the production of the series, video content, and music content to create new jobs for people during this economic crisis - and the list of needs are endless. 
We would be needing:
  • crew members
  • editors
  • videographers
  • PAs on the show
  • producers
  • engineers
  • studio facilities
  • merch line jobs
  • and much more.
Thank you for any donation, in any amount. 
Dreamfactory Music + Recordings
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